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Bleach d20 Classless is a fan project continued by Dionon, Jusditz, Jeroitz and A_Shadow_of_Life, it was started by Draxredd of the Giant in the Playground forums. It has grown from one book modifying the D20 experience, to an expansive system of books and splat books that detail Bleach in all it's glory for a roleplaying audience. It includes things that aren't from Bleach as a way to expand the universe created by Tite Kubo a little bit.

The Bleach d20 Classless boards can be found Here

There are a total of 31 books, including 2 Campaign Settings (Bleach: Dystopia and Bleach: American Genesis), 2 Anime adaptations (Bleach and Dragonball Z), Over 30 different races for play and thousands of character customization options for characters wanting to play just about any type of character from the Bleach anime.

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