Bleach D20 Classless Wiki
Whirling Frenzy[]

Book: Bleach d20 Classless

Prerequisites: Reflex 5+ Ranks, Lightning Reflexes

Benefit: Once per day When a character with whirling frenzy enters a said frenzy, he temporarily gains a +4 bonus to Strength and Dexterity and a +2 dodge bonus to Defensive Rolls and on Reflex saves. While in a whirling frenzy, the character may make one extra attack in a round at his highest base attack bonus, but this attack takes a -2 penalty, as does each other attack made that round. This penalty applies for 1 round, so it also affects attacks of opportunity the character might make before his next action. A whirling frenzy lasts 3 + Constitution Modifier in rounds and you are fatigued until the end of the encounter afterward. This is an extraordinary ability.