Bleach D20 Classless Wiki

Here is a page with the personalities of the people writing the Bleach D20 Classless project.

Main Staff[]

Dionon: The guy that started rewriting the original Bleach D20 Classless system written by Draxredd. He's also the head admin over on the Bleach d20 Classless Forums

Jusditz: One of Dionon's best friends, Jusditz is also the voice of reason when Dionon's brain gets all screwed up and wants to give everyone Bankai!

Jeroitz: Another one of Dionon's best friends, Jeroitz is another voice of reason in the group, and doesn't mince words.

A_Shadow_Of_Life: A_Shadow_of_Life has been offering insights into what players and GMs want to Dionon and the others. She was accepted to the team by unanimous vote and has produced her own community creations corner on the forums.

Wiki Admins[]

Orphen: Orphen was recently foolish enough to attempt something like administrating a wiki. Orphen apologizes in advance for the new changes that will probably make things way more complicated

Honorary Devs[]

Honorable Mentions[]

Here lie those fallen into memory or those that have left an indellible mark on the Project.

Downfa11: The user name of a very nice kid who was the original playtester of the Bleach d20 Classless system after we rewrote it. He contributed alot to the simplification of the system. Unfortunately, he's no longer with us. On December 29th 2013, his car crashed and he passed away. R.I.P.

Dire Reverend: The creator of the Bleach D20 system that uses Classes. He created the Zanpakutou system we use and a good number of the abilities therein. He has also passed the mortal coil. R.I.P.